Nigerian Police and Contacts

About the Nigeria Police

Historical Overview

The first police force was established in 1861 by the British colonial administration in the territories known today as Nigeria. This 100-man contingent was essentially a consular protection force based in Lagos, which later became known as the “Hausa Force,” so-named after the ethnicity of the men recruited into the unit.

As the British expanded their reach to the east and north, they formed additional police forces comprised largely of recruits from outside the communities in which they were to be deployed.

These early forces were notorious for their abuses and general lawlessness. In 1891, the consul general of the Oil Rivers Protectorate in what is presently eastern Nigeria expressed shock at the “numerous acts of lawlessness and pillage” by the police, who were commonly referred to in the community as the “forty thieves” in police uniform.

Similarly, the governor of Lagos colony acknowledged in 1897 that the Hausa Force “no doubt behaved very badly in the hinterland by looting, stealing and generally taking advantage of their positions.”

The primary purpose of the colonial police was to protect British economic and political interests.

The police accomplished this objective through the often brutal subjugation of indigenous communities that resisted colonial occupation. The use of violence, repression, and excessive use of force by the police has characterized law enforcement in Nigeria ever since.

Establishing a National Police Force 
The British merged Lagos colony and the southern and northern protectorates in 1913 and named the new colony Nigeria. The northern and southern regional police forces were later merged, in 1930, to form the colony’s first national police—the Nigeria Police Force (NPF).

The British also established local police forces under the control of traditional leaders. During the colonial period, both the NPF and the local police forces were implicated in numerous acts of abuse and corruption. In 1952, for example, a member of the Nigerian parliament decried the “old sergeants” in the NPF who, he claimed, were “steeped in corruption.”

Members of parliament also criticized the NPF traffic division during this period for having “exposed itself to bribery and corruption and thus lowered the prestige of the force.”

Early Years of Independence 
Nigeria gained independence from Britain in 1960, and its first constitution devolved substantial power to three regional governments, known as the Northern, Western, and Eastern regions. The federal government retained control of the NPF, but the regional governments continued to maintain their own local police forces.

The military government that emerged after two military coups in 1966 disbanded the local police forces amidst allegations that the local police had been used for partisan purposes by the regional
governments against political opponents.

By 1972, the local police forces were fully integrated into the NPF. Since then, the NPF, a national force under the control of the federal government, has been the sole entity responsible for policing in Nigeria.

Marginalization and Police Corruption under Military Rule: 1966 to 1999

Nigeria’s first four decades following independence were dominated by a series of military coups and successive military dictatorships. The police force—which at independence numbered approximately 12,000—was larger than the military, and thus was perceived by military leaders as a threat. As a result, the NPF was chronically underfunded and marginalized by the military governments during this period.

As the military government of General Olusegun Obasanjo prepared to return Nigeria to civilian rule in 1979, the government embarked on a massive police recruitment campaign while largely discarding recruitment and training standards.

By 1979, the NPF had grown to “80,000 ill-trained, ill-motivated and ill-equipped men.” The civilian government was short-lived, however, and was overthrown by a coup in 1983 that resulted in an additional 16 years of military rule.

Internal government and civil society reports during this time consistently identified problems of misconduct within the NPF. A commission set up by the military government in 1967, for example, found that the “despicable image of the police” was in part attributable to “bribery and corruption.”

The report of the commission concluded:

Unsuitable candidates had bribed their way into the force; “lucrative”

stations are bought. The term “lucrative” applies to border stations such as Idiroko and Calabar where smuggling is rampant…. Bribes are offered to affect assignment to duties with opportunities for extra income, otherwise styled “moving line” duties. They include traffic, vehicle inspection and criminal investigation duties. By the early 1990s, the Nigerian police had established a reputation for being “consistently repressive, corrupt, and ineffective,” for taking kickbacks, and also for accepting bribes from criminal suspects to avoid prosecution and other forms of case fixing.

The successive military governments installed few effective checks on abuses of police authority, leaving
misconduct and corruption to flourish. Over time morale declined and the police’s deteriorating public image deterred quality candidates from entering the force.

As one former senior police official described to Human Rights Watch, “It ended up with most of the people who were joining the Nigerian police, joined it simply because it was a very easy way of making money.”

Rapid Growth under Civilian Rule: 1999 to Present

At the end of military rule in 1999, there were approximately 140,000 police officers in the Nigeria Police Force. This amounted to just one police officer for every 820 Nigerians, well below the United Nations-recommended general benchmark of one police officer per 400 citizens.

In response to rising levels of crime that followed the end of military rule, thenPresident Olusegun Obasanjo ordered the inspector general of police to undertake yet another massive recruitment drive aimed at adding 40,000 police officers per year for five years.

Similar to the recruitment drive of the late 1970s, police authorities made little effort to screen candidates for criminal backgrounds, and many recruits simply bribed their way into the force.

By 2008, the police force, at some 371,800, had more than doubled in size in less than eight years. However, the Nigerian government failed to provide a commensurate increase in funding to train, equip, and manage the vastly enlarged force. The 2008 Presidential Committee on the Reform of the Nigeria Police Force noted that police training became further overstretched during this period, and that “very little, if any, attempt was made to upgrade the police training institutions.”

As a result, the committee concluded, Nigeria is now “saddled with a very large number of unqualified, under-trained and ill-equipped officers and men many of whose suitability to wear the respected uniform of the Force is in doubt.”

Structure of the Nigeria Police Force and Its Oversight Bodies

The Nigeria Police Force is a federal government institution with a centralized command structure headed by the inspector general of police (IGP) who reports directly to the president. According to Nigeria’s constitution, the president must “consult” with the Nigeria Police Council prior to appointing or removing the inspector general.

However, the council, a civilian oversight body whose membership includes the 36 state governors, has rarely met in the past 10 years. The independent Police Service Commission (PSC) is responsible for appointing, promoting, and disciplining all members of the police force, with the exception of the IGP.

However, the PSC has delegated these powers back to the police force for all junior and rank-and-file police personnel. Over the years, civilian oversight of the police has fallen under several government ministries, including the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Police Affairs. Since 2008, the Ministry of Police Affairs has had budgetary and general administrative oversight of the police.

Each of Nigeria’s 36 states, as well as the Federal Capital Territory, is served by an administrative unit known as a state command. The state commands are grouped into 12 zonal commands—with two to four states in each zone—each under the supervision of an
assistant inspector general of police (AIG). Each state command is headed by a commissioner of police (CP) who is directly accountable to the AIG in the respective zone.

State commands are divided into smaller area commands, police divisions (headed by a divisional police officer, or DPO), police stations, police posts, and village police posts.

Courtesy: Human Rights Watch (2010 Report on the Nigerian Police)


List of newly appointed Commissioners of Police in Nigeria

The acting Inspector General of Police has named 21 new Commissioners of Police. Their names are

Usman Yakubu- CP Nasarawa State

Isaac Gabriel Achong- CP Akwa-Ibom State

Paul E. Okafor – CP Kogi State

Hyacinth M. Dagala – CP Benue State

Idris Faruk Umar- CP Jigawa State

Salihu Garba- CP Kwara State

  1. K Shodipo- CP Oyo State

Abubakar Marafa- CP Osun State

Clement O. Adoda- CP Borno State

Usman A. Baba- CP Delta State

Dan Bature – CP Rivers State

Karma Hosea Hassan- CP Anambra State

Titilayo M. Busari- CP Cross-River State

Valestine U. Ntomchukwu- CP Bayelsa State

Frederick T. Lakanu- CP Ekiti State

Ademola Omole- CP Taraba State

Olusola Emmanuel Amore- CP Niger State

Adejoh Gabriel Adaji- CP Adamawa State

Ishaku Barau- CP Kebbi State

Wilson A. Inalegwu- Acting CP, FCT


The Past Commissioners and those unchanged and their emergency nos are listed below:

Usman TiliAbubakar Abia 08035415408
Godfrey Okeke Adamawa 08033202039 08089671313
Umar Gwadabe Akwa Ibom 08037872009
Bala MagajiNassarawa Anambra 08081777182 08182951257
Mohammed Ladan Bauchi 08035324090
Kingsley Omire Bayelsa 08035758889 07034578208
Christopher Kartzo Benue 08033166190 08053039936



Abdullahi Yaguda Borno 07087241124 08036071667


  1. K. Shodipo
Cross River 08133568456



Ikechukwu Aduba Delta 08037058988 08036684974
Moses Saba -Ndagi Ebonyi 08084704673


Folunsho A.Adebanjo Edo 08037646272


Sontonye L.Wakama Ekiti 08037003030
Ebitibituwa T E Enugu 08035045847


Mohammed IyandaSule Gombe 08135922153 08132196764
Mohammed Kastina Imo 08037037283
Joel Theophilus,MNI Jigawa 08031554999



Olufemi A.Adenaike Kaduna 08033008525 08123822284
Musa Daura Kano 07039175115




Abdullahi Magaji Katsina 08037024382


Sabo Ringim Kebbi 08081161283


Hilary Opara Kogi 08126375838



Johnson A.Ogunsakin Kwara 08125275046


Umaru AbubakarManko, MNI Lagos 08034752664


Abayomi Akermale Nasarawa 08032491391


Diseye D Nsirim(MRS) Niger 08033052353 08081777593


Patrick DeyDokumor Ondo 07034313903
Ikemefuna R.Okoye Ogun 08033184498 08032136765


Dorathy A. Gimba Osun
Muhammad A.Indabawa Oyo 08032002670 08081768614


Emmanuel O. Ayeni Plateau 08038273107 08038907662


Mbu Joseph Mbu Rivers 07032077772 08073777717


  1. L. Gambo
Sokoto 08085823457


Jubril O. Adeniyi Taraba
Patrick Egbuniwe Yobe 08035609859
Usman Akila Gwari,MNI Zamfara 08033361101
Olufemi D.Ogunbayode FCT (Abuja) 08061881938




James O. Caulcrickfsi Police Detective College,Enugu
Steven Audu Admin 'F' Dept. Force HQ
Wilfred Obute Commandant police College,Kaduna
Felix Uyanna Commandant Police College, Oji
  1. J Abakasanga
Info- Tech/ Admin
Ambrose Aisabor Admin 'A' Dept Force HQ 08035891470
Adebayo Ajiyele CP Airport
Chinweke Asadu CP Legal
Adams Audu CP CTU
John Opadokun CP PMF
Sherifat DusuOlajuku CP Ports Authority
Salihu Garba CP Provost
Mohammed J.Gana CP SARS


List of Police Stations and Contacts



Adekunle Police Station

Address: Herbert Macaulay Road, Yaba, Lagos

Contact Person: Mr. Oliver Ezirim

Tel. No.:  08033450247, 08081776167


Ajegunle Police Station

Address: Baale Adeyemo Street, Opposite Ajeromi Secretariat, Ajegunle, Ajeromi-Ifelodun, Lagos

Contact Person: Sylva Chinedu

Tel.No.: 08037179569


Area C Command Police Station

Herbert Macaulay  Way, Sabo Yaba, Lagos

Contact Person: Mr. Kayode Samuel

Tel No.: 08035693189; 08035673189


Bariga Police Station

Address: Ilaje Bus Stop, Beside CMS Grammar School, Bariga, Shomolu, Lagos

Contact Person: Mr. Ibrahim Fasesan

Tel No.: 08023163237


Ijanikin  Police  Station.

Address :  Km  38, Lagos – Badagry  Expresssway, Station  Bus  Stop, Ojo,  Lagos.

Contact  Person : Isegen  Mustaphar

Tel  No : 08033940341.


Ijora – Badia  Police  Station.

Address :  Badia- Amukoko  Road,  Opp.  Better  life  Market, beside lagos State Water Corporation,Apapa, Lagos.

Contact  person : Iderenyi N Umo

Tel No : 08023145225,  08033644481


Ikotun  Police  Station

Address :Ikotun  Road,  Alimosho, Lagos

Contact  Person : Abiola  Odawale

Tel  No : 08023431587.


Ikoyi  Police  Station.

Contact  person : Mr  Sunday  Bada

Tel  No :08033008312,  08055171094.


Isashi  Police  Station

Address :Signboard  Bus Stop, OPP. Water  Corporation, Isashi, Ojo, Lagos.

Contact  Person;  Michael  Osho

Tel No : 08034063058.


Itire  Police Station

Address:  Behind  Cele  Police  Station, New Itire Road, Oshodi-Isolo, Lagos.

Tel No:  08024188618, 08037131277


Nigeria  police

Address :  Iiudun Street, Pako  Bus-stop Cementry  Road, Amukoko, Ajeromi-ifelodun, Lagos

Contact  Person : Innocent Okoro  Ukoha

Tel  No; 08036247440, 08050253330.


Nigeria  Police  Force.

Address : Pedro Station, Shomolu, Lagos

Contact   Person;  Mrs  Abatulu

Tel   No : 08062095439.


Okokomaiko Police Station

Address: Km 12, Lagos-Badagry Expresway. Okokomaiko, Ojo, Lagos

Contact Person: Akiroye Adebami

Tel No.: 08029727191


Okota Police Station (Area D)

Address: Okoto Road, Opposite Century Hotels Okota, Oshodi-Isolo, Lagos

Contact Person: Mr. Daniel Iyamah

Tel. No.:  08033594548



Old Ojo Road Police Station

Address: Domorose Bus Stop, Opposite Access Bank/Palm Beach Hospital, Kuje Amuwo, Amuwo-Odofin, Lagos

Contact Person: Akin Adamu

Tel No.: 08033890969; 07032214614


Orile Police Station

Address: Orile Bus Stop, By Orile-Amukoko Road, Ajeromi-Ifelodun, Lagos

Contact Person: James Alihi Egbezie

Tel. No.: 08037222249; 08125271949


Nigeria  Police Force – Federal Command

Address: Kam Salem Building, Moloney Street, Obalende, Eti Osa, Lagos

Tel. No: 012635054; 012635931; 012635954


Nigeria Police Force – Interpol

Address: Alagbon Close, Ikoyi, Eti-Osa, Lagos

Tel No: 012694554; 012694210


Nigeria Police Force – State Command

Address: Ikeja, Ikeja, Lagos

Tel No.: 014962157, 014960200


Nigeria Police Force – Zone 2 Command

Address: Island Club Road, Onikan, Lagos Island, Lagos

Tel No.: 012632774, 012631000



Police Zonal Headquarters, Kano

Contact Person: Victor Ojo

Tel No.: 07033380053, 08065530876


Satelite Town Police Station

Close 6, House 1, Opposite Close 5, Satelite Town, Amuwo-Odofin, Lagos

Contact Person: Mr. Daniel

Tel No.: 08033070467; 07040024498


Shomolu Police Station

Address: Adaranijo Street, Pedro, Shomolu, Lagos

Tel No.: 08020311111; 08051111177


The Divisional Police Headquarters,  Lugbe, Abuja

Address: Airport Road, Lugbe, Abuja

Tel No.: 08054967585


The Federal Highway Patrol Office, Abuja

Tel No.: 092349403


The Nigeria Police Force (Area B, Lagos)

Address: Layeni Street, Ojo Road, Junction Bus Stop, Ajegunle, Ajeromi-Ifelodun, Lagos

Contact Person, Chijioke Ndu

Tel No.: 08032254444


The Nigeria Police Force (Area C, Lagos)

Address: 110 Bode Thomas Street, Area C, Surulere, Lagos

Contact Person: Barnabas Okosodo

No: 08023769795


The Nigeria Police (Area C, Lagos)

Address: Funsho Williams Avenue, Iponri, Area C, Surulere, Lagos

Contact Person: Abraham Oyeniyi

Tel. No.: 08037623144; 08027246052


The Nigeria Police, Ikeja, Lagos

Address: 26 Oba Akinjobi Road, Ikeja, Lagos

Contact Person: Edgal

Tel. No.: 08033040870; 08020398863


The Nigeri Police , Panti, Lagos

Panti Street, By Adekunle Bus-Stop, Yaba, Lagos

Contact: Ezekiel Gabriel

Tel. No.: 07087233410; 08022400115


The Nigerian Police (Area A, Lagos)

Address: 26 Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, Eti-Osa, Lagos

Contact: Aisha Haruna

Tel No.: 08023223214; 08181760928


The Nigeria Police (Area B, Apapa, Lagos)

Address: Wharf Road, Point Bus-Stop, Apapa, Lagos

Contact: Ali Hassan

Tel. No.: 08033117380


The Nigeria Police (Area B, Apapa, Lagos)

Address: Fadina Street, By Better Life Market, Ijora Badia, Apapa, Lagos

Contact: John Otahunmele

Tel No: 08033072580


The Nigeria Police (Area E Command Headquarters, Lagos)

Address: Area E Headquarters 5, 2nd Avenue, Festac  Town, Amuwo Odofin, Lagos

Tel No.: 017944541


The Nigeria Police (Area D, Oshodi)

Address: Kabiyesi Street, beside Afin Oba Onitire Palace, Itire, Oshodi-Isolo, Lagos

Contact Person: Adekinte A. Oyekan

Tel No.: 08035841010


The Nigeria Police (Area D, Oshodi, Lagos)

Address: Balogun Street, Beside Ibalex Nig. Ltd., Oshodi-Isolo, Lagos

Contact: Ochogu A. Ogbeh

Tel No.: 080334472637


The Nigeria Police (Area F, Oshodi, Lagos)

Address: Akinpelu Street, Bolade, Oshodi-Isolo

Contact: Victor Osuji

Tel No.: 08081760055


The Nigeria Police (Area F, Oshodi, Lagos)

Address:  Mosafejo Street, Beside LASTMA Office, Oshodi-Isolo, Lagos

Contact: Sola Akindele

Tel No.: 08125275213


The Nigeria Police (Area F, Ojodu, Lagos)

Address: Akinyode Street, After Road Safety Junction, Ojodu, Ikeja, Lagos

Contact: Tsafe Abdullahi Saidu

Tel No.: 08024481019; 08056444574


The Nigeria Police (Area F, Shogunle)

Address: Shogunle Street, By Oshodi Bus Stop, Oshodi-Isolo, Lagos

Contact: Johnny Adikaibe

Tel No.: 08033780612


The Nigeria Police, Apapa, Lagos

Address: Wharf Road, Point Bus Stop, Apapa, Lagos

Tel No.: 08073666669


The Nigeria Police Force, Ojo, Lagos

Sign-Board Bus-Stop, Isashi, Opposite Water Corporation, Ojo, Lagos

Contact: Michael Osho

Tel No.: 08034063058


The Nigeria Police Force (Area E, Ojo, Lagos)

76/77, Olojo Drive, Corner Bus-Stop, Area E, Ojo, Lagos

Contact: Yusuf Mukaila


The Nigeria Police (Area D, Ojo)

Address: 208 Ojo Igbede Road, Ilembe Hausa, Area D, Ojo, Lagos

Contact: Lawrence Ajidahun

Tel No.: 08035028610


The Nigeria Police (Area A, Lagos Island)

Address: 112 Dosunmu Street, Ebutte-Ero, Lagos Island, Lagos

Contact: Edward Ajogun

Tel No.: 08052663309


The Nigeria Police (Area B, Apapa, Lagos)

Address: Mba Road, Ago-Hausa Bus Stop, Ajegunle, Apapa, Lagos

Contact: Chris Aimonowane

Tel. No.: 08081775312


The Nigeria Police (Area B, Apapa)

Address: 1B Trinity Street, Opposite Cool Penny Hotels, Apapa, Lagos

Contact: Cyracus Enechukwu

Tel No: 08037175658


The Nigeria Police (Area B, Ajegunle, Apapa, Lagos)

Address: College Road, Tolu, Ajegunle, Ajeromi-Ifelodun, Lagos

Contact: Eze Godwin

Tel No.: 080680552255


The Nigeria Police (Area B, Kirikiri, Apapa)

Address: Kirikiri Maintown, Apapa, Lagos

Contact: Agwu Ginikachukwu

Tel No.: 08035520461


The Nigeria Police Force (Area C, Ojuelegba, Lagos)

Address: Inside Iponri Police Barracks, Western Avenue, Iponri, Surulere, Lagos

Contact: Bashir Abdullahi

Tel No.: 08033233359


The Nigeria Police (Area D, Okoto, Lagos)

Address: Godmon Street, Police Bus-Stop, Okoto-Isolo, Oshodi-Isolo, Lagos

Tel No.: 08066964918


The Nigeria Police (Ejigbo, Lagos)

Address: Ejigbo Road, Pipeline Bus-Stop, Isolo, Oshodi-Isolo, Lagos

Contact: Ben O. Adeola

Tel No.: 08033000917


The Nigeria Police (Area D, Ajao Estate)

Address: Akinola Solanke Street, Ajao Estate, Oshodi-Isolo, Lagos

Contact: Joseph Ibekwe

Tel No.: 08023327770


The Nigeria Police (Area D, Ijesha, Surulere, Lagos)

Address: Iman Thanni Street, Ijesha, Surulere, Lagos

Contact: Haruna Yahaya

Tel No.: 08033455356


The Nigeria Police (Area H, Kosofe, Lagos)

Address: Ikorodu Road, Before Ketu Pedestrian Bridge, Ketu Bus-Stop, Kosofe, Lagos

Contact: Kabiru Kwarzo

Tel No.: 0806602020


The Nigeria Police Medical Service HQ (Lagos)

Address: Falomo Bus-Stop, Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, Eti-Osa, Lagos

Contact: Mr. Muyiwa

Tel No.: 08051668379


The Nigeria Police (Area F, Ogba, Lagos)

Address: Ogba Bus-Stop, Ikeja, Lagos

Contact: Mobolaji Odesanya

Tel No.: 08056630745; 08056630708


The Nigeria Police (Onipanu, Lagos)

Address: Ikorodu Road, Onipan Bus-Stop, Shomolu, Lagos

Contact: Olubunmi Osoko

Tel No.: 08033004406


The Nigeria Police Divisional Headquarters (Ipaja, Lagos)

Address: Along Ipaja-Baruwa Road, Moshalashi Bus-Stop, Alimosho, Lagos

Contact: Chikeze c.D

Tel No.: 08058248454


The Nigeria Police (Ilogbo, Lagos)

Address: Ilogbo Iyana Era Road, Ilogbo, Ojo, Lagos

Tel No.: 08034946663


The Nigeria Police (Ogudu, Kosofe)

Address: Ogudu Road, Police Station Bus-Stop, Ogudu, Kosofe, Lagos

Contact: Chimereze Chinedu

Tel Nos.: 08027600619; 07085726478; 08035143281


The Nigeria Police (GRA, Ikeja Lagos)

Address: Adekunle Fajuyi Way, GRA, Ikeja, Lagos

Contact: Haruna Alaba Yahaya

Tel No.: 08059996992; 014962793; 014960200


The Nigeria Police (Ilupeju, Lagos)

Address: 1 Coker Road, Ilupeju, Mushin, Lagos

Contact: Ngwu Emmanuel

Tel No.: 08064280372


The Nigeria Police (Ikoyi, Lagos)

Address: Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, Eti-Osa, Lagos

Contact: Kayode Adewoye

Tel No.: 08054479115


The Nigeria Police (Area B, Apapa)

Address: Wharf Road, By Point Road Bus Stop, Beside Area B Commander, Apapa, Lagos

Contact: Ari Mohammed

Tel No.: 08023341851


The Nigeria Police (Dolphin Estate, Ikoyi, Lagos)

Address: Corporation Drive, Dolphin Estate, Ikoyi, Eti Osa, Lagos

Contact: Oscar Emesim

Tel No.: 08023422832


The Nigeria Police (Area A, Victoria Island, Lagos)

Address: Ahmadu Bello Way, Opposite Oceanography School, Victoria Island, Eti Osa, Lagos

Contact: Adegoke Fayoade

Tel No.: 08033521772; 017769009


The Nigeria Police (Area F, Mafoluku, Oshodi)

Address: 12 Agbaoku Street, Mafoluku, Oshodi-Isolo, Lagos

Contact: Oliver Inoma-Abbey

Tel No.: 07035044402; 08081760090


Trade Fair Complex Police Station (Lagos)

Address: Trade Fair Complex, Badagry Expressway, Ojo, Lagos

Contact: Adeshina Eletu

Tel No.: 08037144215




Abuja (Federal Capital Territory)

Nigerian  Police  Force Headquarters

Address : Shehu  Shagari Way, Force  Head Quarters,

Louise  Edet  House, Central ,Abuja

Tel No : 08038305707, 092340868,092341709,092340756


Website : htt:p//






Other Police Helplines


Asokoro Division Police Station

Address: Keffi/Nyanya Road, A.Y.A, Asokoro, Abuja

Tel No.: 093148360; 093140161


Federal  Secretariat  Police  Station

Address; Federal Secretariat  Complex,Shehu  Shagari  Way, Central  Business District, Abuja

Tel  No:  095234252


Gwagwalada  Police  Station

Address: Specialist Hospital Road, Gwagwalada, Abuja

Tel. No. 098821296


Gwarimpa  Police  Station

Address : 17Th,Road  Opp.Fha, Gwarimpa,  Abuja.

Tel No :095200199


Maitama  Police  Station

Address :30,Nile Street,Off  Alvan Ikoku  Way,Maitama, Abuja.

Tel  No:  094134683.


National  Assembly Police  Station

Address : National Assembly, Three  Arms  Zone,Maitama,Abuja

Tel No : 092340241


Nigeria   Police Post

Constitution Avenue, Central Business District, Central, Abuja.

Contact  person :  Vincent

Tel No : 08057493215.


Nigerian  Police  Force (NPF)

Address : Shehu  Shagari Way, Force  Head Quarters,

Louise  Edet  House, Central ,Abuja

Tel No : 08038305707, 092340868,092341709,092340756


Website : htt:p//


Police Pension Office

Address: 9 Lungi Street, Off Cairo Street, Off  Adetokunbo Ademola Crescent, Wuse 2, Wuse, Abuja

Tel No.: 08053693981


The Divisional Police Headquarters,  Lugbe, Abuja

Address: Airport Road, Lugbe, Abuja

Tel No.: 08054967585


The Federal Highway Patrol Office, Abuja

Tel No.: 092349403


The Divisional Police Headquarters , Garki, Abuja

Address: Garki II, Garki, Abuja

Tel No.: 092349167; 092349457


The Nigeria Police Divisional Headquarters, Gwarimpa, Abuja

Address: Life Camp, Gwarimpa, Abuja

Tel No.: 095211199


The Nigeria Police, ( Zone 7 headquarters, Abuja)

Address: zone 7 headquarters, Wuse Zone 3, Wuse, Abuja

Tel No.: 095236199


The Nigeria Police (FHA, Lugbe, Abuja)

Address: Lugbe Estate Phase 1, Airport, Lugbe, Asokoro, Abuja

Tel. No. 08023992445


Maitama – 08038485123
Central Police Station – 08033568389
Lugbe – 08037882321
Wuse – 08053088102
National Assembly – 08065777706; 08045317637
Asokoro – 07028134449
Nyanya – 08046115181
Utako – 07055888119; 07038621264
Karshi – 08023565354
Wuye – 08023314440
Karu – 08036249825
Gwarimpa – 08059113555
Karmo – 08033773129
Garki – 08033560903
Life Camp – 08058036613
Kubwa – 08036134478
Gwagwa – 08035537989
Zuba – 08075804475
Dutsen Alhaji – 08053089999
Bwari – 08075804475
Kuje – 07030800531
Kwali – 08033062496
Roboci – 08060568342
Gwagwalada – 08057467369
Abaji – 08037209328

Note: Overseas callers should include Nigeria’s international code +234 before the numbers






Police Public Relations Officer/Rivers State

Address: Police Headquarters, Mosco Road, Port Harcourt, Rivers State

Contact person: Rita A. Inoma Abbey (JP)

Tel. No.: 07034423908







1 CONTROL ROOM AWKA 08182951257


1 AREA COMMAND AWKA 08037031808
2 CPS AWKA 07083100872
3 B; DIVISION AWKA 08126656065
4 ACHALL DIVISION 08036384114
5 ANAOCHA 08037030584
6 OJOTO 08035681470
7 NNOBI 08125273230
8 AWADA 08034718385
9 OBOSI 07038371882
10 OGIDI 08032449950
11 DUNUKOFIA 08125273126
12 ABAGANA 07039836700
13 LEOPARD BASE (PMF 29) 08033081958
1 CPS ONITSHA 07087040297
2 NZAM 08169222855
4 OGBARU 08127522297
5 OKPOKO 08123386365
6 FEGGE 08183161203
7 OTUOCHA 08136025679
8 ANAKU 08153907245
9 OYI 08037061958
10 3-3 ONITSHA 07087236210
11 O/C MARINE 07062750927
1 IHALA 07031390664
2 CPS NNEWI 08133584340
3 ULI DIVISION 08035043779
4 NNEWI DIVISION 08033575360
5 OCHI AMICHI 08126655990
6 IHALA DIVISION 07066505675
7 UMUNZE 08057903413
8 UKPOR 08039659634
9 ICHI DIVISION 07035526146
10 OTOLO DIVISION 08152014573
11 AMICHI 08033088257
12 EZINIFITE 08036821755
13 AGUATA 07066505675
14 AJALLI DIVISION 08036684408
15 OKIJA 08065029494
16 OZUBULU 07038080690
17 OKO 07032783406





Police Zonal Headquarters, Kano

Contact Person: Victor Ojo

Tel No.: 07033380053, 08065530876


The Nigeria Police (Kano)

Address: Katsina Road, Faggae, Ajingi, Kano

Contact: Inspector K. Labaram

Tel No.: 08036056869, 08057667395



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